Crispy Pork Ribs in black vinegar & honey sauce

Cooking Method

  • put a bit of corn flour on top of the marinated pork ribs, put it for a deep fry in a heated oil
  • For a crispy result, leave the pork ribs cool down after deep fried for the first time. Before you put back on the sauce, deep fried for the 2nd time for about 30/45 seconds. take it out from the heated oil for about 1 minute (i.e. the pork rib is in a warm condition), then put back into the sauce and then serve
  • Warm the pan, putting 120ml black vinegar, 3-4tea spoon of teriyaki sauce, 5 tea spoon of honey maple syrup. Keep stirring it. Try the taste after boiled.
  • Keep stirring it until you see the sauce has become a bit thick (to the thickness you wish). Then turn off the fire, putting the "warm pork ribs" back in the sauce. Stir thoroughly to ensure all pork ribs wrap with sauce


  • Pork ribs 400g
  • Black vinegar : About 120ml
  • Honey maple syrup 5 tea spoon
  • Teriyaki sauce (Japanese): 3-4 tea spoon

To Marinate Pork Ribs

  • Marinated with 1tea spoon of corn flour, 1 tea spoon of sugar, half tea spoon of chicken stock, half tea spoon of salt, half tea spoon of fish sauce)